Frequently asked questions

What kind of job can I post on Refeb?

An employee can post the job that is eligible for referral outside the company. You should make sure that the job is available for sharing for the referral.


Can I post the job that is labeled as Internal only?

No, these type of job meant to post and fill only internally inside your company, however, internal jobs may be eligible for referral and share on social media after some period of time.


How many jobs can I post for the referral?

Each employee is able to post maximum 10 jobs on the platform at the time.


How can I find out about my applied job status?

We have the status section for each job and the moment that the employee updates the status after each step you will be notified.


How can I follow up for my applied jobs?

You can send a message to the employee who posted the job and follow up with him.


Who can see my job post?

We'll share your job across our platform and all the employees and job candidate can see your job, anyone on Refeb can find your post through the search. You can also share your job via social media.


How long will my job post be active?

Job posts are live for 90 days once they're posted.


Can I edit my job post after it has been posted?

Yes, once a job is posted, you can make modification from My Posted Job menu.


How will I get a candidate’s information when they apply for my posted job?

Candidate must fill the form and personal characteristics selection along with the update or existing resume and it will send to you by email as well and in message section in your profile. You can see the candidate in My Posted Job section and make a decision about them.


Can I delete my job post if the position got filled some other way?

Yes, you can delete your job post at any time. It will then be removed from search results and platform.


How can post a job when my status is job candidate?

Only employees are able to post a job at Refeb. If your status changed from job seeker to employee recently, Congrats. In order to be able to post a job, you need to contact us and our team will change your status to an employee and after verification, you will be able to post the job at Refeb.


Who is eligible for receiving a referral bonus?

All full-time employees are usually eligible to receive a referral bonus except for team members who are Director level and above, Talent Acquisition team members and team member involved in interviewing process including participating in a hiring decision.