How does Refeb work?

Employees post job postings available in their company

Employees share job postings available within their company

A Job seeker can send a referral request to the employee

Job seekers can send referral requests to employees who share postings

Employee will examine the candidate and can refer them internally

Employees review the candidate’s profile and can refer them internally

Job seeker will receive a call from the hiring manager to initiate the hiring process

Job seekers will be contacted by hiring managers to initiate the interview

Featured Jobs

QA Automation Engineer
QA Automation Engineer
  • Trend Micro
Application Scientist
Application Scientist
  • Nuance Communications Canada Inc.
QA Engineer
QA Engineer
  • Yellow pages group
Heroku Runtime Lead Platform Engineer
Heroku Runtime Lead Platform Engineer
  • salesforce
Senior Associate - TELUS Ventures
Senior Associate - TELUS Ventures
  • TELUS Corporation
Training Analyst / Senior Training Specialist
Training Analyst / Senior Training Specialist
  • Salesforce Canada Corporation

How Refeb helps job seekers:

  • Better prepared for interviews

    Receive firsthand information about positions from employees in order to better prepare for interviews.

  • Stronger chances of being hired

    Referred candidates are 3 to 4 times more likely to get hired than standard applicants.

  • Better insight into company culture

    Learn more about the company culture and benefits to find the right fit for you.

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Employee referral programs are internal recruitment strategies employed by companies in order to seek the best talent for their teams.

In the business world, the person that has the most connections is bound to find a job really fast.

Refeb is a bridge between job seekers and employees. We provide a shortcut to landing your dream job.